HexKingdoms is a completely free turnbased strategy game, playable online.
Each player manages characters (assassins, mages, emissaries, commanders) and a complete nation: economy, diplomacy, military... Each nation has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Play in a fantasy world like the Lord of the Rings during the 3rd age.
Command Elrond and the Elves, the mighty forces of Gondor, or any one of the Nazgul!
Or maybe a neutral nation, being courted to side with good or evil.
The rythm can be modified for each game: one turn every weeks or two weeks, or faster! It is a team play: 2 to 20 players or more in each game.
Communicate with fellow players through forums, online chats and share information.
Beginners can use an initiation mode, request for tutors, and access a full wiki on the rules.
Each game difficulty can be customized.
It has been balanced and evolved for two years.
It is currently available in english and french, with other languages easy to add.

And if you want to do more:
- create your own scenario, with your choice of heroes, nations, rules...
- create a full universe with artefacts, magic, encounters, local units... and use them over several scenarios
- take part in the game evolution

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