You can join any open game, or request one to be open - especially for training. All of your actions ingame will be done through heroes. Recruit them, train them, move them and their armies on the map.
You can give a lot of different orders, depending on the hero skills and his location. Each action has a difficulty and a cost in action points. The map is where you will see the strategic situation unfold. Armies and heroes move around, but you dont necessarily see everything! A larger view of the map helps understanding what is happening in every region of the world. Managing your economy is critical: your resources, gold, equipment, all will help defeat your enemies.
Coordinate with your allies or taunt everyone on the chat page. A journal report will provide a feedback on the results of the last turns. Going further means you can create your own scenarios, deciding every detail. The RPG editor allows for complete creation of spells, artefacts, encounters...
Any ingame visual can be edited and chosen. The journal report can be detailed with a simple coding logic. A balancing tool will help polishing any scenario. When starting the game, you have popups guiding you around - and you can request initiation games.

Come and play!